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Now hanging at Luminary By La Terza in College Hill, Cincinnati, OH throughout the spring.

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Michael Matzko is a multimedia visual creative, currently based in Cincinnati, OH, who has made a lifelong mission of exploring human identity through various art forms and passions.  His portraits focus on telling personal stories, expressed in a variety of different mediums intersecting technology and the arts.

Michael has spent a lifetime in the arts (music, photography, multimedia) as well as 30 years of IT leadership. He is currently obsessed with the exploring the integration of AI and human reality, while at the same time evolving by creating social portrait projects on a large variety of topics.

"After going through such a dramatic trauma, I needed a way to let out all the emotions I was dealing with. Working with Michael was the perfect way for me, not only to go deep into my feelings, but also capture one of the strongest and weakest times of my life. Not only did it help me process what happened, but through the images, I can go back and remind myself how I have persevered."
"At 70, I had a lot to reflect on -  a long, challenging, yet fulfilling life I wanted to celebrate.   Things haven't always been easy, but I've learned a lot and gained experience over time.  I wanted to show that energy and beauty can be found at any age, and wanted to express that in one of Michael's masterpieces.  As an art collector, having a work which was literally about my life was more meaningful than almost anything else in my collection."

Technology and Art

But whether it was a music composition, analog video scores, travel documentation, or the many fashion, beauty, lifestyle and artistic portraits I have taken, what has mattered, is listening to and sharing the subjects story. 

With respect to my journey in art, I have always been fascinated with feedbaack loops which transcend boundaries.  Recently, I have been influenced heavily by changing technology and how it intersects with our needs, and identity of being human. 

It is an organized improvisation.”

Currently working on expanding my art palette with the following technologies:

Art for Spaceships

poem for the future
Poem for the Future

An ongoing exploration using my subject’s portraits and videos as the base in creating various animated vignettes using a variety of AI tools.  The question is how can we create impactful art with the amazing technology, while still maintaining our core humanness.


I am -insert-
Nude in Motion - Plate #3
Nudes In Movement

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White Hot - for Polly Magazine

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