Michael Matzko is a multimedia visual creative who has made a lifelong mission of exploring human identity through various art forms and passions. 

Starting with an early career as a music composer and trombonist who performed jazz, classical, and experimental music, Michael studied at the Berklee College of Music before obtaining a BM from the University of Maryland and an MFA in multimedia composition from the University of Iowa. From this foundation, his career progressed to a focus on tech. Michael spent these years utilizing changing technologies and helping startups and global companies create and provide innovative solutions, all while quietly continuing to explore the simultaneously changing landscape of photography, a passion he had pursued since his childhood. This time allowed Michael to find his perspective and his passion for sharing the stories of others, and led him to become the inquisitive, empathetic creator he is today. 

Michael now applies techniques and knowledge from this lifetime of studying the arts, photography, and human behavior, focusing on the psychology of his subject to provide context and complexity to portraits, beauty, fine art, and more. He strives to make a unique connection with every subject, bringing to light the ways in which society and perception affect who we are. Michael Matzko is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Feel free to reach out with requests for commissions, commercial work or any questions.


Model: @_ms.lexi

Agencies: @nvmodels

White Hot - for Polly Magazine

A collaboration for @pollymagazine with Makeup Artist Ashley Olivia @hrhdollface

Agencies: @nvmodels @heymantalentagency@helenwellsagency