Understanding Beauty: A Guide to Personal Beauty Portraits

Empowering Your Beauty

There is so much pain in the world - it surrounds us and pervades our future.  Yet we are surrounded by beauty - in each and every person.  We just have to find it, create it, and celebrate it.  Perhaps for a moment, that will show us that life, and our place in it,  is truly remarkable.

- Michael Matzko

The Evolving Concept of Beauty

Beauty is a subject that has captured the imagination of people for centuries. From ancient Greek sculptures to contemporary photography, beauty has been represented in many different forms and styles. However, the concept of beauty has evolved over time and its meaning has changed throughout history.

The ancient Egyptians, for example, believed that beauty was closely connected to symmetry and proportion. They believed that the perfect body was a reflection of the gods and goddesses, and they created art that reflected this ideal. In contrast, the Renaissance era celebrated the human form, and artists like Michelangelo and Raphael created works that depicted real people in all their complexity and imperfection.

In more recent times, the definition of beauty has become more diverse and inclusive. The rise of the feminist movement in the 1960s and 1970s challenged traditional beauty standards and encouraged women to embrace their own unique qualities.

"Beauty is not simply something to behold; it is something one creates."

bell hooks - writer and feminist thinker

Breaking the Beauty Stereotype: A Gender-Inclusive and Diverse View of Beauty

Beauty is often associated with narrow and stereotypical standards that are often limited to women and youth. But beauty is not just for women, it is not just for young people and models.  Beauty is a concept that applies to everyone, regardless of gender, age, skin type, or cultural background.

At its core, beauty is about self-expression and self-discovery. It’s about exploring and celebrating the unique qualities that make us special and unique. For some, this may mean showcasing physical beauty through symmetry and proportion, for others it may be showcasing inner beauty through kindness and intelligence and for others it may be showcasing creative beauty through art, music, and dance. It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of beauty and to recognize that beauty can mean different things to different people. And that it’s important to celebrate and appreciate all forms of beauty, not just the ones that adhere to a narrow standard.

Understanding Physical Beauty

Most people think about beauty in terms of physical appearance. This is the most common and widely-recognized form of beauty, and it typically involves things like symmetry, proportion, and the presence of certain physical traits like clear skin, full lips, and big eyes. Many people are drawn to physical beauty and find it aesthetically pleasing and desirable.

However, while physical beauty is often celebrated, it’s important to note that it can have both positive and negative effects on people.

On the positive side, physical beauty can have a positive psychological effect on people by increasing self-esteem and confidence. Studies have shown that people who feel physically attractive tend to have higher self-esteem and are more confident in themselves. This can lead to greater success in personal and professional relationships.

On the negative side, physical beauty can also create pressure and unrealistic expectations for people to conform to a narrow standard of beauty. This can lead to negative self-image, body dissatisfaction, and even eating disorders. Furthermore, the emphasis on physical beauty can lead to discrimination against people who do not conform to this standard, and perpetuate harmful beauty ideals. It’s important to remember that beauty is a multifaceted concept and physical beauty is just one aspect of it, and that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.

Celebrating Inner Beauty

Another way people think about beauty is in terms of personality and inner qualities. This type of beauty is often referred to as “inner beauty” and it involves things like kindness, compassion, intelligence, and a good sense of humor. Inner beauty is often more difficult to see, but it may also be more important than physical beauty. A Beauty Portrait that captures inner beauty can highlight the individual’s unique personality and character, making them feel truly beautiful. Inner beauty is about showcasing the qualities that makes us unique and special.

A photograph can capture and highlight the inner beauty of a person, even if they may not have traditionally considered themselves to be physically attractive. A photograph can showcase the individual’s unique personality and character, and bring out the qualities that make them special and unique. Inner beauty is not limited by physical appearance, it’s something that everyone has and it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate it.

A good photographer can use their skills, artistic vision and technical abilities to create a portrait that truly represents the individual and makes them feel truly beautiful and confident. Inner beauty is not about conforming to a narrow standard of beauty, it’s about showcasing the qualities that make us unique and special, and that’s what makes a portrait truly beautiful.

Mother and Daughter

Emphasizing Creative Beauty

Many people also think about beauty in terms of creativity and artistic expression. This could involve things like painting, music, dance, or any other form of artistic expression that captures the imagination and stirs the emotions. Creative beauty is a unique way to showcase individuality and originality. A Beauty Portrait that focuses on creative beauty can highlight the individual’s talents and passions, making them feel beautiful in their own unique way.  It becomes a reflection of their total story, how they feel, express and experience the world and can have a powerful affect on their attitude towards life.

The Role of Photography in Beauty

Photography plays a critical role in capturing beauty, whether it’s through the use of symmetry, proportion, or creative expression. With my artistic vision, experience and technical skills, I am able to create a portrait that truly represents the individual and makes them feel truly beautiful and confident.

As I was taking the Beauty Portrait of one of my clients, I noticed the way she transformed in front of the camera, she started off a bit hesitant, but as we progressed and I captured different elements of her beauty, she began to open up about her story and radiated confidence. It was a beautiful thing to witness and it reminded me of why I love being a photographer. Capturing beauty, whether it’s physical, inner, or creative, has the power to make people feel seen and valued.

A Beauty Portrait is not just a photograph, it’s a way to capture and celebrate the beauty that makes us unique and special. It’s a way to create a lasting memory of a moment in time, that will always remind you of your own beauty. It’s a way to remind yourself of your own self-expression and self-discovery, and to feel confident and beautiful.

Personalized and Unique: The Beauty Portrait Service

As a professional photographer, I understand the role that beauty plays in a person’s life. Not only does it affect how we view ourselves, but it also plays a role in how we are perceived by others. Studies have shown that people who feel beautiful tend to have higher self-esteem and are more confident in themselves. Beauty can also have a positive impact on our relationships, both romantic and professional.

From a psychological perspective, beauty can be seen as a means of self-expression and self-discovery. It allows us to explore and express different aspects of ourselves, whether it’s our physical, inner, or creative beauty. Beauty Dreams is a unique way to capture and celebrate this self-expression and self-discovery.  It’s a way to remind yourself of your own beauty and to feel seen and valued.

Michael Matzko is a photographer and creative who has been shooting creative portraits for over 10 years.  Visit his website for unique his unique offerings of beauty and identity portraits, tattoo stories and other public collaborations.

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