Hello!  I’m excited to work with you next Sunday on I Am <insert>!  To help prepare for the shoot (since this is a mini-shoot with not a lot of time!), I would like you to respond to the email with the following:

  1. Below are a few constrasting images in very different styles.  Please pick 1 that you are most drawn to.  The actual project photos my be very different but this gives me an idea of your aesthetic.
  2. Please include 1 word which best describes you – not a sentence – 1 word!

Many thanks!  More details will follow on Friday!


Model: @_ms.lexi

Agencies: @nvmodels

White Hot - for Polly Magazine

A collaboration for @pollymagazine with Makeup Artist Ashley Olivia @hrhdollface

Agencies: @nvmodels @heymantalentagency@helenwellsagency