I AM <INSERT> will be displayed at Luminary By La Terza throughout the spring. Would love it if you supported them!  What they are bringing to the community is awesome!

“I Am <insert>” is a community project which represents both my current thoughts on the state of photography in a very complex world, as well as the culture Luminary is trying to celebrate.  It is based on the idea that there is often a disconnect between who we believe we are and what we believe the world sees us as – the gap being the realization of our potential and identity, and the blocks created by our history, culture and, most importantly, our internal stories.  There are two views of this project – both from the perspective of the subject and the photographer.  

The Participant’s Tasks

Each participant was asked to describe the answer to <insert> with one word, and one word only.   They then were asked to pick an image from a collection of 12 photos shot in different styles.  This was a challenge for several of them, who found it difficult to summarize their being into a single concept – it required some introspection.  Each session was 30 minutes per person, with only a little discussion about their word. The shoot itself was roughly 20 minutes.  

The Photographer’s View

We see people we don’t know almost everyday – in real life, on socials, in the media and entertainment, virtually everywhere. How much do we really know about the people we see walking down the street or sitting in a coffee shop? We see how they are dressed, their shape, how they are acting, their expression and perhaps hear their words. This is highly varied, depending on the situation.  A person walking a dog may not even be aware of you.  An artist or entertainer wants to control your impression.  And, whether consciously or unconsciously, we form an opinion, even if fleeting.   

So these images were created, based only on the word they provided, the style they picked, and how they dressed and acted during the session, informed by my own reality mapped on top of it.  It was a huge challenge for me, to try to express what I sensed and use all of my technical and artistic skills under pressure. Whether I hit the mark is less important – the project was created to provoke thought and awareness.


Model: @_ms.lexi

Agencies: @nvmodels

White Hot - for Polly Magazine

A collaboration for @pollymagazine with Makeup Artist Ashley Olivia @hrhdollface

Agencies: @nvmodels @heymantalentagency@helenwellsagency