Virtual Exhibit

Inside Out

A curated collection of works created by Michael Matzko 


Wednesday, June 1, 6PM EST

Inside Out represents the first virtual exhibit of Michael Matzko’s work.    This particular collection represents work shot as an exploration of expression during a three year pandemic era.   Themes include personal identity, self reflection, loss, movement, isolation, and our internal state of mind, as we went through a global transformation in the digital age.

A few suggestions as you experience the exhibit:

1. This is a virtual gallery that you can explore.   The first thing I would suggest is to click the hamburger lines on the upper right and select Full Screen.   You can use your mouse and/or keyboard keys as well as the icons one the screen to move around the exhibit.  Click on the words “Inside Out” to get a little information about the exhibit. 

2. Clicking on an image will bring you right in front of it.   Clicking again will bring up information about the work including possibilities of buying prints or NFTs, if available.

3. You may view this on a desktop (highly recommended) or on mobile.  For mobile, you will be directed to a mobile-only site.

4. There is a collection of NFTs on OpenSea entitled Inside Out  – 40% of the initial NFT sale proceeds from this Collection will go to the Linder Center of Hope in Cincinnati, OH.

5.  You may view the works in Augmented Reality (AR) where you can place the works on your wall.  To do so, please follow the instructions in the work detail pop-up window.

6. If you prefer to see the gallery in full screen, please click here!

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Model: @_ms.lexi

Agencies: @nvmodels

White Hot - for Polly Magazine

A collaboration for @pollymagazine with Makeup Artist Ashley Olivia @hrhdollface

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